Meet The Tribe


Breath of Life Tribe Core Members

——–Deepak Ramapriyan

———Vocals, Violin, Guitar

——–Christo Pellani

———Drums, Percussion, Healing Bowls

——–Eddie Young

———Bass, Cello, Flutes

——–Brandon Fox

———Guitar, Vocals

Breath of Life Tribe has often featured special guests, including:

Cooper Madison – Vocals, Harmonium, Tabla, Electric Sitar
Howard Lipp – Keys, Atmospheres, Vocals
Ena Vie – Vocals, Harmonium
Arianna Hall – Vocals
Miranda Rondeau – Vocals, Frame Drum
Mike Russeck – Keys, Organs, Piano
John Twiford – Vocals, Percussion, Bass
Russell Feingold – Didgeridoo
Kimberly Panzer – Vocals, Percussion

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